Take It From A Translator

Take It From a Translator (Quick Tips for Those in Less Ludicrous Lines of Work) is a series that offers quick, applicable insights from a seasoned translator and interpreter to colleagues in other trades and professions. Posts are published randomly, when the author feels inspired.

How Do You Do That?
Melissa Mann June 24, 2019 no comments.

Ask any interpreter what question or comment she hears most often (outside the ones being translated at an event) and, without batting an eye, she’ll respond: “How do you that?” (or, if the person asking is under 30: “Oh my God! How do you that?”)...

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Practice Makes Perfect
Melissa Mann April 16, 2018 no comments.

I was sitting through a presentation last month, suffering for my booth partner who was trying her hardest to make some sense out of the speaker’s intellibish (that’s gibberish mixed with plenty of big words and buzzwords in an attempt to pass for...

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How to Become a Generalist
Melissa Mann February 20, 2018 no comments.

Renaissance (Hu)man Once we’ve built a solid foundation of technique, we translators and interpreters get to spend much of our days diving into new medical research, following the latest business buzzwords and investment tips, contemplating the in...

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