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Arbor Translations offers superior translation services for international events ranging in size from small, one-day meetings to multi-day trade fairs in an array of language combinations. Legal hearings, business negotiations, medical congresses, academic symposia, factory and field visits, press conferences and expos are just some of the areas where Arbor Translations has helped clients successfully meet their on-site, multilingual communication needs.

Interpreters are carefully assigned to each event based on academic and professional experience with the topic and linguistic combination, are invited to work directly on each event (no commissioned intermediary), and are vetted members of the Brazilian Association of Professional Conference Interpreters (APIC) and/or the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).

Document translation is provided by professionals certified in the corresponding language combination by the American Translator Association (ATA) and/or Brazilian Translators Association (ABRATES).

Arbor Translations was founded by Melissa Mann, an English-speaking native and language lover who has lived in the United States, Mexico and Brazil, where she currently resides. She is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, founder of a successful translations company in Mexico, a member of APIC, SINTRA and IAPTI, and certified by ATA and ABRATES. She is an avid reader, runner, hiker and nature-lover.



Arbor Translations is pleased to provide a quote for your event or document translation and to advise you on your language needs. If possible, briefly describe your requirements below and remember to include dates, equipment needs (booths, portable sound), working languages, document type, etc.

Do not be concerned if you are unsure of your exact interpreting requirements. Arbor Translations will work together with you to design the solution that best suits your event.

If available, please attach any corresponding materials (event agenda, marketing items, company info, documents for written translation, etc.) in a single zipped file.



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Big Booth Words


Big Booth Words was conceived as a jocular way for non-English-native interpreters to diversify the vocabulary and linguistic constructions they use in the interpreting booth. It has since expanded to become an impromptu platform for terminology and phrasing lovers to raise language-related questions and share interpreting-booth experiences while still remaining faithful to its original intent. The post covers as many themes as are likely to crop up in the interpreting booth (and translated documents), but is always written from the impassioned warmth of personal experience.

The format is simple: a thematic post that creatively employs the previous post’s five vocabulary words while suggesting five new vocabulary words found in a related, hyperlinked article. Word lovers, enjoy!

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