Big Booth Words

Big Booth Words was conceived as a jocular way for non-English-native interpreters to diversify the vocabulary and linguistic constructions they use in the interpreting booth. It has since expanded to become an impromptu platform for terminology and phrase lovers to raise language-related questions and share interpreting-booth experiences while still remaining faithful to its original intent. Big Booth Words covers as many themes as are likely to crop up in the interpreting booth (and translated documents), but is always written from the impassioned warmth of personal experience. The format is simple: a thematic post that creatively employs the previous post’s five vocabulary words while suggesting five new vocabulary words found in a related, hyperlinked article. Word lovers, enjoy!

Wandering Seasons
Melissa Mann March 5, 2018

It’s loquat season where I live - out in the countryside, embraced by rolling hills and sweeping vistas. On my walk, I pick a few straight from their invitin...

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Matters of Laugh & Death
Melissa Mann January 26, 2018

Death may be a rather outré topic to shore up this lapsed blog, but I promise not to dampen your spirits. Some would wax solemnly philosophical to bravely co...

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Grandma’s Story
Melissa Mann April 28, 2017

This year I’ve pledged to read the most famous work of fiction that takes place in each US state. The list includes a seductive potpourri of classics, fast r...

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So Nu? Who Are You?
Melissa Mann January 24, 2017

Late last semester, I had the opportunity to interpret a lecturer who spoke the language of my childhood, which is not English. Well, not exactly. Or not so ...

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