Big Booth Words

Big Booth Words was conceived as a jocular way for non-English-native interpreters to diversify the vocabulary and linguistic constructions they use in the interpreting booth. It has since expanded to become an impromptu platform for terminology and phrase lovers to raise language-related questions and share interpreting-booth experiences while still remaining faithful to its original intent. Big Booth Words covers as many themes as are likely to crop up in the interpreting booth (and translated documents), but is always written from the impassioned warmth of personal experience. The format is simple: a thematic post that creatively employs the previous post’s five vocabulary words while suggesting five new vocabulary words found in a related, hyperlinked article. Word lovers, enjoy!

Grandma’s Story

This year I’ve pledged to read the most famous work of fiction that takes place in each US state. The list includes a seductive potpourri of classics, fast reads I’d otherwise dismiss, and a few publications that will be a harrowing test of my resolve, yet, on the whole, my year in words seems promising.

Fueling the Feeble Mind

I don’t merely keep silent on the countless thoughts I entertain on a regular day; nine times out of ten, I brush them off entirely. Quixotic at best, supremely mundane at worst, most of my thoughts come crashing in and go scurrying out in a matter of seconds. I dwell only where sentiment is involved. But today the thoughts, the explicably meager few, are lingering.

On Running, Rushing and Rolling On

My (new) nephew came rushing into this world with inexplicable pressing urgency ten days before his due date, and we rendezvoused briefly over the internet hours after the well-deserved pomp of his arrival. It was a fleeting video chat, a precursor to a week that went from walk to trot to canter to gallop in short order....

A Very Merry Unbirthday

I’ve been musing on birthdays and anniversaries and celebrations. My own birthdays have always triggered an odd sense of detachment and nervousness because the plethora of communication wishing me all the best (though heartfelt) simply overwhelms me. On the other hand, I have always relished the actual celebration (the party, the drinks, the dancing, the conversations, the laughter)....

Political, Plane and Plain Patience

And while en route back to Brazil after the harrowing experience of nearly getting barred from embarking on my flight back because of confusing Brazilian visa regulations, the birdbrained people who seemed to be assigned en masse to my (and only my) departure gate and a dearth of Portuguese speakers or airline employees willing to use minimal brain power to Google translate my visa-status certificate....