Big Booth Words

Big Booth Words was conceived as a jocular way for non-English-native interpreters to diversify the vocabulary and linguistic constructions they use in the interpreting booth. It has since expanded to become an impromptu platform for terminology and phrase lovers to raise language-related questions and share interpreting-booth experiences while still remaining faithful to its original intent. Big Booth Words covers as many themes as are likely to crop up in the interpreting booth (and translated documents), but is always written from the impassioned warmth of personal experience. The format is simple: a thematic post that creatively employs the previous post’s five vocabulary words while suggesting five new vocabulary words found in a related, hyperlinked article. Word lovers, enjoy!

Political, Plane and Plain Patience

And while en route back to Brazil after the harrowing experience of nearly getting barred from embarking on my flight back because of confusing Brazilian visa regulations, the birdbrained people who seemed to be assigned en masse to my (and only my) departure gate and a dearth of Portuguese speakers or airline employees willing to use minimal brain power to Google translate my visa-status certificate….

The Sky’s the Translating Limit

I am reading the New York Times Magazine while squeezed in the middle seat of an airplane between a Brazilian and an Italian as a flight attendant uncreatively drones on about air-travel protocol in French and English and a middle-aged couple in front quietly deliberates in what I guess to be Korean about where to store the lady’s handbag: an intriguing assemblage of anonymous globetrotters so unassumingly and perfectly representative our this last half century….

Pets and Politics

My building complex includes a fenced-off area for dog and cat owners to bring their furry friends out to stretch and run unimpeded, and the responsible humans who frequent this little area, in turn, have created a private WhatsApp®  group to discuss issues pertinent to condominium life with our feline and canine family members….

Big Booth Words is Watching You!

Late last year, I interpreted at an event on geographic information systems. The developers and speakers were so enthusiastic about ascertaining and exploring ways to utilize the terabytes upon terabytes of information we can now gather that they all but sang cult-like paeans to big data from the stage….