Pets and Politics

Dear English-B Interpreter Friends,

(First, my letter to you to using words from Post #11)

My building complex includes a fenced-off area for dog and cat owners to bring their furry friends out to stretch and run unimpeded, and the responsible humans who frequent this little area, in turn, have created a private WhatsApp®  group to discuss issues pertinent to condominium life with our feline and canine family members. Yesterday, after a staggering number of rabid texts remanding the group’s members to rally for impeachment of Brazil’s president, I sent a message kindly and diplomatically asking that posts in our virtual community be limited to the specific purpose of the group, namely discussing common concerns regarding our four-legged friends. Immediately thereafter I was sent a reproachful message informing me “that is why Brazil is as shitty [sic] as it is.” While I was strangely amused and almost impressed by the fact that one of my (clearly well-read) neighbors had ascribed me (a non-voting foreigner) such omniscience as to have magically turned an entire country to excrement, I opted for a more cavalierresponse: none. I had been quite self-assured in my tactful and well-founded request in the first place and did not need to dignify rogue discourtesy with pushback.

Brazil is astir in politicking right now (fascinating for this international-relations buff), and so I wish all of my Brazilian friends — wherever you find yourself on the political spectrum — informed and active participation in your country’s development, just preferably devoid of rude epithets to colleagues and leaders alike.

Happy words,

* As used in the body of this article on an experiment involving implanting memories into mice.
* As used in this personal piece about adopting a psychologically troubled dog.
ANGLE (verb)
* As used in body of this extremely insightful feature article about  famed primatologist Jane Goodall.
* As used in the body of this article on the Kyrgyz donkey-meat scandal (seriously).
* As used in the photo caption under the last photo in this series of strange newly discovered creatures.

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